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What if the weather is bad?

Caddy's Bradenton boat dock.

801 Riverside Dr E, Bradenton FL 

Where do we meet?

Changes in weather are possible. In the case of poor or unexpected weather, the trip will be rescheduled day for later or earlier in the day. Captain Charlie will be communicating with weather updates prior to the trip. 

What should I bring?

Any snacks or food of your choice. Hats/ Sunglasses if you choose. Sunscreen (no spray please)

is alcohol allowed on the boat? 

Beer, liquor, and wine are allowed on the boat but must drink responsibly.

Do you fillet the fish we catch?

Yes, see "about" page for Caddy's hook and cook details if you choose or take your fish home.

Will I need a fishing license for the trip?

No, Capt. Tita's license covers everyone on board.

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